When was the last time you updated your toothbrush?

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Can I just try this out or do i have to subscribe?

Of course - just sign up for a monthly subscription and use code "MONTHLY" to get your first month completely free while you decide. If you're not satisfied, log into your account and cancel anytime before your next renewal to avoid being charged.

Can I really cancel at any time?

Yes. We only want you to subscribe if you want to. Please be advised however if you paid for your subscription yearly we are unable to refund or cancel any of the orders so please only sign up to the yearly subscription if you're certain you want it for the year.

1 Month or 2 months? How often should i receive my brush?

Your teeth and oral hygiene will benefit a lot more from getting a new brush each month as it means you a using a fresh brush more regularly. Therefore you will not be putting old bacteria from your brush back into your mouth as often.

It also depends on how hard you brush. The harder you brush the quicker the bristles will fray. A lot of people brush TOO HARD, something you should try avoid. If this sounds like you then we would recommend getting a new brush each month.

However, we understand monthly isn't for everyone in which case we'd advise to get a new one every two months.

What comes in my order?

Each brush is packed in a recyclable box to keep your bristles safe. Then each box is packed into a mailing bag and sent out. The number of boxes depend on how many brushes you purchased.

Is everything you send me environmentally friendly?

The Toothbrush - The brush handle is of course made from bamboo and is biodegradable. However the bristles are not biodegradable. We had to prioritise your teeth in this instance and nylon bristles are significantly more effective than any biodegradable substitute. We did ensure to get Nylon 6 bristles, which degrades faster than lower grade bristles. This means your brush is 99% biodegradable.

The box - purpose of the box is so your brush isn't loose in the mailing back and to prevent your bristles coming into contact with things it shouldn't be. This box is fully recyclable.

The mailing bag - This bag is made from 80% reclaimed material and is also 100% recyclable.

We will not send any other waste.

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